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Live, Customized Lessons with Private Native Tutors Online.

Native speaking teachers available 24/7.

Study English at home! in your office! on the beach! in the car!

Learn English Online

One to One Lessons

You and your teacher in customized lessons of 30 or 50 minutes.


Group Lessons

Set up your own group class and have a teacher just for you and your friends.

Kids, Teens, Adults

Lessons for all ages and all levels. From zero to the most advanced.

Private English Teacher Training

The best online English school!

Monthly or Half-yearly Plans

You have the option to cancel whenever you want or study for at least 6 months. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Boleto, PIX or Credit Card.

Fixed or Flexible Schedule

Your schedule and preference is what matters. Keep the days and times of classes with the same teacher or make the necessary changes when you want. Mega flexible!

Single Classes or Packages

If you prefer, you can buy one-off lessons to get to know us better or buy packages for your specific needs, such as an interview.

Instant Booking

Book your online class via WhatsApp for when you need it last minute. It could be to prepare for a presentation or job interview.

The Best Online Language English School

With 1-2-1 and customized lessons, you'll reach your goals faster.

You choose your ideal plan, timetables, themes and the nationality of your teachers.

Rescheduling up to 4 hours before the lesson. No registration fee. No materials fee and no cancellation fee plans. No Spam!

With teachers all over the world we are able to cover your time zone wherever you are, 24/7.

Access to our online exercise platform, plus Monthly Performance Reports and Free Group Classes.

In addition to classes with excellent teachers, we guarantee a fast and effective service to teachers and students! 

Take your lessons via Skype, Zoom, Teams or Google Meet.

What are your goals?

Each student has different needs and our teachers adapt to all possibilities, with lessons prepared just for you!

General English and Spanish

The lessons focus on all language skills: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. The content includes Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation. 


For students who already use or intend to use the language in the workplace. The lesson is sent to you by the teacher who can also review emails or presentations.


These classes focus on exactly what you are looking for: conversation, unlocking and gaining fluency. You will receive support materials to advance your chosen language.


Are you planning to take a proficiency exam? Our teachers are very experienced and help hundreds of students every year to achieve the desired scores.

What they say our students

Since 2015 I take classes with the teachers of Not only the teachers are punctual, they meet my expectations and the administrative team gives me impeccable support. I do and I highly recommend this platform to learn English.

Renata Vaz

Student of English and Spanish

I love my classes, the teacher is always looking for something new and I feel we are working together towards my fluency. has become essential to me because I commute across town for work and having to take more traffic to take classes would drastically reduce my productivity. I already recommend it to everyone who asks me.

Monica Oliveira

English Student

Just the fact that I can practice my English without leaving home and without taking traffic already makes a great option! The variety of schedules meet all tastes and routines and the teachers are very helpful, punctual, friendly and patient. And there is nothing like practicing English with a native speaker and exchanging language and cultural experiences!

Patricia Quintero

English Student

I would like to register my appreciation to the team, for the excellent level of the teachers and for the practicality that the tool provides for learning. Great way to go if you are looking for something more in terms of innovation in English!

Gilberto Casares

English Student

Without a doubt, it's worth it! The difference in evolution. when compared with schools and/or private teachers without clear methodology is much more very big! I recommend 100% the and of course with the exceptional teacher Eddie, his 50-minute class has an above average use and presents a spectacular teaching gift.

Marcos Marcato

English and Spanish student

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We are always evolving

In 2010, when I started, thinking about doing online classes was something very distant for many. Skype was the most used tool for its reliable technology with good stability, video, chat, storage, file transfer and more.

In 2013, the famous MSN was discontinued and that doubt came: will it happen with Skype one day? That's when I thought: "Better safe than sorry!" - and along came

With the pandemic and the growth of other platforms like Zoom, Meet or Teams, I realized that it was time for a change, which happened gradually during 2021.

So we started 2022 with our new "name", but that's all that changed! We still have the same quality, of classes and service.

Oh yes, and sometimes the website goes through transformations, always going after the latest in UX/UI, besides different technologies.

That's it, all the same but with a different name. And I hope you keep up with us in the coming years and decades, evolving.

**Some materials still have the extension - this is a giant project and it will take some time to be completely finished.

Claudia Eiko - Founder (with her inseparable dog)