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It's very simple, book a free trial lesson or buy the plan directly on our website. Your teacher will be online at the agreed times.

Your lessons are one-to-one over Skype, or if you prefer to send the Zoom, Meet or Teams link will also be accepted. They last 30 or 50 minutes. The lessons are live, you and your teacher. You can choose between native or Brazilian teachers, as well as the lesson plan: conversation, grammar, business, travel, day to day, job interview, and much more.

Absolutely! We suggest a free 30-minute trial lesson to all students. In this class, you can see in practice how your teacher will interact with you, since it is a real class! And remember that the teacher of your trial lesson is the same teacher of your classes after your enrolment.

We only work with highly qualified, professional and experienced teachers. All teachers have a huge collection of materials and will adapt to the needs of each student, as well as the ease with which each one learns the new language. Therefore, the method varies from student to student based on their needs, as we work with individual classes.

Absolutely, and there is no charge for the material! The only way to advance in a language, is by acquiring content and for this reason teachers send material to their students by email or Skype. There is also the possibility that the student has a specific purpose, or prefers to follow a material with usage rights, in this case the teachers recommend buying the material in a bookshop.

The www.inglesonline.com or inglesonline.com is an online school that offers individual classes via Skype or other platforms, with private teachers who personalise each class to meet your objectives and follow your rhythm.

This is the million dollar question! Becoming fluent in another language requires time and dedication. Several factors must be considered: number of classes per week, frequency, extra-class activities, homework delivery. In short, the more committed you are, the faster you will reach your goals.

After a few weeks of classes, your teacher will be able to give you a better idea of how long you'll be able to achieve your results, as long as you keep the same pace until then.

The question "natives x Brazilians" is a matter of personal taste.

Our American teachers do not speak Portuguese, and many students prefer the challenge of having to communicate 100% in another language. Other students prefer to have the support of the Brazilian teacher if they are unable to express themselves. 

Yes, most students prefer to keep the same teacher so that the same teacher can give a sequence of the planned lessons.

Some students prefer a change of teacher in order to get out of the routine or to work on different accents.

There is also the need for the company or the teacher to make this exchange, but the students are always notified in advance.

Yes, we have a 4 hour cancellation policy - you can email your teacher to arrange a replacement lesson up to 4 hours before the start of the lesson.

In 4 hours, you can find out if you have a meeting, a happy hour, or some other appointment, and the teachers fit other students into your free time. 

It is worth noting that classes must all be taken in the same planned month or within the validity period of your package - i.e. they do not stack up to the next period.

We accept bank transfer, boleto, PIX or credit card via PayPal, we don't charge IOF or card fees 🙂

Monthly plan: The payment is always made in its full monthly value in advance, by transfer to a Bradesco account, Itaú, Boleto, PIX or with credit card via PayPal (this, always in a recurring way) - always before the first day of class of the month or of the monthly package. It works like a prepaid, if you do not renew the payment, the classes are cancelled without penalty.

Biannual plan: Only by credit card on a recurring basis. The minimum period of classes is 6 months and the value is debited monthly, not compromising your limit. If you cancel in less than 6 months, there is a 10% fine per month not studied.

One-Time Packages: Payment is always made in your total package amount, by transfer to a Bradesco, Itaú, PIX, Boleto account or by credit card via PayPal - always 1 (one) day before the start of the package classes, any day of the month.