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Real Testimonials from Amazing Students!

*Privacy: All testimonials collected and posted here have the written consent of the authors (students) in relation to the name and photo. If you have a preference for removal, please contact us.

English and Spanish

Olivia Oliveira

Corporate Marketing Senior Analyst

Choosing was one of the best choices I have ever made for studying languages. I have flexibility, mobility and the best teachers. All the professional achievements I have, has helped me a lot.


Melania Ferri

Process Analyst

The course is being very important for my professional development and future tourism hahahha. I am really enjoying getting to know this new world that is the English language, with its particularities. My teacher is sensational, super patient and makes us feel comfortable in class.


Willian Souza

HR Coordinator has helped me a lot in learning English, I am completing almost 2 years and my progress is clear. Also, I am very grateful to teacher Paola. Besides her high knowledge, she has experience, which adds even more to the classes. She has already helped me with interviews, important meetings and even in the preparation of my mini exchange program. Thank you for everything and let's go together!


Thayrine Alves

Pharmaceutical Representative

I always started English and ended up giving up because I got frustrated in the beginning. My teacher (Ju) was exactly patient and empathetic with me. Today I can't wait to get to class and have fun learning. I am very happy with my learning curve. I am more confident every day to express myself and even participate in interviews in English.


José Augusto Neto

Engineer is an incredible platform that connects students to qualified teachers, allowing flexible class schedules, English level, class frequency, and teacher's nationality. All this with extreme organization and seriousness. I have been taking weekly classes since 2020 and I have recommended them to my friends and family. They also offer Booster Classes, held monthly, which are conversation classes with people from different parts of Brazil and the world, on various topics!


Katia Nobrega


I needed to resume my English and move on to greater vocabulary and conversation. I started researching options that fit my goal and the practicality of online without the bureaucracy of other language schools (extra fees, expensive materials, fines, etc). I ended up getting a recommendation from, started the classes and intend to continue in this format that meets my expectations and needs very well!


Arielle Nogueira

Architect and Urban Planner is an excellent format for those who need to adapt the class to their work routine, we can choose the time table and your teacher evaluates the best way to teach you the content. Very good, I recommend! My English has improved and my teacher helps me improve my speaking skills in real life situations. I will soon add another class and use the native speaking teachers as well. Best investment of time and money.

English and Spanish

Camila Amaral

Senior Workplace Services Manager

I went back to study English and Spanish last year and I am very satisfied with my teachers' support in my progress towards language proficiency. The classes at are dynamic and cover topics from my daily life and work. The classes are customized to meet the student's needs and this makes all the difference to get the most out of the time with the teacher.


Paula Sena

HR Analyst

I love the classes on My teacher is great and always available for questions. I found compatible times with my schedule between private and group classes to improve my vocabulary. The service is exemplary, both in contracting the product and after sales. The staff is always there for me when I need them and they are very friendly and helpful. I love it and I recommend it!


Luana Guarento

Senior Sales Development

I started the course in July 2021, and I am very satisfied, because I finally found a course that suits my needs. I take individual on-line classes that are super dynamic and geared to my needs. I have been able to evolve a lot, thanks to the method and to teacher Paola, who is incredible and super competent. I was tired of the same methods from English schools and private teachers, for this reason I always recommend, where you find the best cost-benefit. I would like to register my testimonial and thank you for the seriousness of your work, thank you very much InglesOnline!

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We are always evolving

In 2010, when I started, thinking about doing online classes was something very distant for many. Skype was the most used tool for its reliable technology with good stability, video, chat, storage, file transfer and more.

In 2013, the famous MSN was discontinued and that doubt came: will it happen with Skype one day? That's when I thought: "Better safe than sorry!" - and along came

With the pandemic and the growth of other platforms like Zoom, Meet or Teams, I realized that it was time for a change, which happened gradually during 2021.

So we started 2022 with our new "name", but that's all that changed! We still have the same quality, of classes and service.

Oh yes, and sometimes the website goes through transformations, always going after the latest in UX/UI, besides different technologies.

That's it, all the same but with a different name. And I hope you keep up with us in the coming years and decades, evolving.

**Some materials still have the extension - this is a giant project and it will take some time to be completely finished.

Claudia Eiko - Founder (with her inseparable dog)