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English or Spanish for Companies

Offer this incredible benefit to your employees.

free english class

One to One Lessons

And customised, with Brazilian or native teachers

Group Lessons

All at the same level, with Brazilian or native teachers

  • Live Classes

    All our lessons are via Skype, Zoom, Meet or Teams with Brazilian or native teachers.

  • Fixed or Flexible Schedule

    Lessons last 30 or 50 minutes. Always with the same teachers.

  • Personalised

    According to the level, rhythm and reality of each student. The material is prepared by the teacher.

  • Flexible Rebooking

    Only 4 hours to reschedule any lesson. Ideal for fitting in last minute meetings.

  • Exercise Platform

    Access to a platform for practising grammatical structure 24/7.

  • 1 Group lesson per week

    In addition to the Business Plan classes, everyone gains access to 4 group classes per month.

online english student
  • General English or Spanish

    For all levels, covering all language skills: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening with Vocabulary, Grammar, Expressions, Pronunciation and Intonation.

  • Business

    Classes focused exclusively on the reality of each student or group. Vocabulary and Expressions pertinent to the area of work, which may include revisions of emails and presentations.

  • Corporate Travel

    Preparation for Lectures, Congresses, Meetings abroad or to receive foreigners in Brazil.

  • Proficiency Exams

    Classes focused on TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge exams. With the possibility of adding the TOEFL ITP applied by us.

The best option for English and Spanish Classes

We have various types of partnerships to offer the ideal plan for the company and its employees. Talk to us to see the possibilities.

They can be made by the employee or company, depending on the type of partnership chosen. We accept Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, PIX or Boleto.

Sent monthly to the employee and/or company. Details of level and all language skills, including punctuality.

Sent monthly to the employee and/or company with dates, class times and attendance (or absence).

Each company has different needs, as well as its employees. We have a team prepared to attend to each one, in a personalised, efficient and fast manner.

Partnership Models

In the Employee Discount model, company employees get a 10% discount from the current value (found on the prices page) for the MONTHLY PLAN.

  • There is no subsidy from the company;
  • Payment must be made directly by the employee;
  • The NF is sent directly to the student's CPF;
  • The student is registered as an employee by sending an email with the company domain (e.g.;
  • This discount is extended to the employee's family members, as long as the payment and registration is made by the employee.

This model does not require a contract between the school and the company, and in it the Semester plan value is applied, but with the flexibility of the Monthly Plan (the value is identical to the Semester plan, but can be cancelled at any time, without penalty):

  • The amount subsidized by the company must be agreed upon with the employee;
  • The amount is paid by the employee to the school in advance;
  • The NF is sent to the company's CNPJ;
  • The company receives a monthly attendance report (all absences are included);

Groups of up to 4 employees are formed, where everyone must have the same level and the same goals:

  • The price per group varies depending on the number of classes and students per group. The value is on our GROUPS page;
  • The amount must be paid by the company in advance;
  • The NF is issued to the company's CNPJ;
  • The attendance report is sent to the company on a monthly basis.

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