The IBT version is suitable for university study, work and immigration. The exam is accepted by more than 11,000 universities in over 150 countries and helps students to excel in English. It measures academic English, and consists of four sessions: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.


Based on the TOEFL Test, the ITP version assesses your English and is accepted by language schools, some universities and HR companies who ask for proof of your current level. This exam consists of 3 sections: Reading, Listening and Grammar Structures. Coming soon, Speaking.

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  • TOEFL take-home exams

    With all the technical support of our team, you will be sure to worry only about your English when it comes to taking the test.

  • How will I be monitored?

    We use human Proctors, for the duration of the exam there will be a person on camera with you.

  • Is the validity of the exam real?

    Yes. Examinations taken at home have the same validity as those taken in Application Centres.

  • How does it work?

    You make the appointment and at the time of the test, you will need a Desktop or Laptop (PC or Mac); an external camera that can move to show your environment; a microphone and a speaker (Cannot be headset).

  • How is payment made?

    You pay your exam by Bank Transfer, Pix, Boleto or Credit Card, without IOF.

  • How valid is my test?

    All TOEFL exams are valid for 2 years. The result has a specific time frame depending on which exam you choose.

  • Which software will I need?

    Each exam requires different software. When you book your exam, we will explain in detail which software you will need to install.



R$ 1850,00
  • Buy the voucher in R$
  • Check your equipment and connection
  • Register and book the test, using the voucher
  • Get online for your exam
  • Pre-test technical support


R$ 420,00
  • At home, monitored by us
  • Official Certification
  • Immediate Result
  • Test lasting up to 2 hours
  • Validity of 2 years